Luxury Vinyl Tile in Baltimore, MD

Luxury Vinyl Tile in Baltimore, MD

Luxury Vinyl Tiles or LVT offer a premium feel for any household & business environment. Authentic LVT from Direct Solutions Flooring comes in various colors combinations and mixtures. In addition, our luxury vinyl tiles are available to replicate the look of stone, wood, concrete, and more. When you are exploring flooring options, give us a call at 410-400-4001 for expert flooring solutions.

Quality Direct Solutions Flooring

Why Choose Direct Solutions Flooring?

  • Unlimited Flooring Solutions - our visionary thinking, in-house expertise, and creative solutions has no limits and can create unique results
  • Specialized Flooring Experts - experienced flooring experts ensure your flooring project is professionally handled with no room for mistake
  • Top-Quality Genuine Products - certified products from over 100 industry-leading manufacturers
  • Brand Neutral - we do not care about the manufacturer’s product, instead, we do what’s in the best interest of your specific flooring needs
  • Wide Range of Collection - vast array of stone and porcelain textures and designs to choose from

Recreate the Look of Any Material With Direct Solutions Flooring

Luxury vinyl tiles are the most versatile and affordable flooring options today. It is also growing at the fastest rate because of its wide range of designs and applications. Suitable for both residential and commercial properties and available in various installation types including glue-down vinyl, interlocking vinyl, self-adhesive-vinyl, and more to choose from.

Our luxury vinyl tiles can be used to give off the look of certain materials including stone, concrete, wood, and more without having to maintain them. Want a concrete-looking floor without the trouble of having to re-grout or seal? LVT is the best pick. Want a wooden floor but are afraid of maintenance? Take advantage of our wooden-looking vinyl tiles that completely look like wood minus the trouble of maintenance.

Want visually stunning luxury vinyl tiles for your residential or commercial business property? Call us NOW at 410-400-4001

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