Industrial-Grade Carpet

Industrial-Grade Carpet At Baltimore, Maryland

In a commercial space, there is high foot traffic every day. Typical house carpets don’t have the strength to withstand such pressure every day. That is why industrial-grade carpets are used.

If you have an office space or commercial compound situated around Baltimore, MD, which needs new industrial-grade carpets then Direct Solutions Flooring is the perfect service provider for you. Our skilled and experienced crew staff is ready to provide the complete package of industrial-grade carpet installation at an affordable price. So pick up your phone and make sure to contact us today at 410-400-4001 to redeem our services.

Benefits Of Installing Industrial Grade Carpet

Installing Industrial-Grade Carpet At Baltimore, Maryland
  • Aesthetic Look- industrial-grade carpets have a wide range of designs and colors. So you can customize your commercial space to any design you like giving an aesthetic and appealing look.
  • Reduce Unnecessary Noise- As mentioned above, there is high foot traffic in commercial spaces. It is very important to have a quiet environment in the workspace so that the workers can concentrate properly. The sound-proofing benefits provide the opportunity to make a peaceful environment for the employees.
  • Soft and Smooth Surface- It has an additional option adding padding to make it softer and smoother to walk on. So if you accidentally fall on the fall, the damage can be reduced.
  • Maintenance- It can be surprising to know but regular carpets need more maintenance than industrial-grade carpets. Regular carpets need professional attention at least once a year. Whereas industrial-grade carpets have more durability and vacuuming from time to time does the work.

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