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Know Standard Luxury Vinyl Flooring Size & Thickness

Luxury vinyl flooring has become one of the most popular choices for both homes and businesses. That's because LVF is built to last, and it can be printed with a broad variety of colors and embossed with authentic wood grain textures to boot.

It may be installed in any space thanks to its watertight, slip-resistant, and anti-bacterial qualities. There are a few things to think about, such as thickness and size, before deciding on a vinyl style based on aesthetics or functionality. Find out which luxury vinyl flooring thickness and size is ideal for your project by reading this comprehensive guide.

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How to Determine Luxury Vinyl Flooring Thickness

The two most crucial factors in choosing LVF are its width and thickness. The first factor is the plank's thickness, which is specified in millimeters. There is a wide variety in vinyl plank thickness, from 2 mm for low-end items to 8 mm or more for premium ones. Because LVF has multiple layers—a urethane coating, a wear layer, a print film layer, a vinyl core, and a vinyl backing—its thickness can vary. The thicker the backing, the more pleasant it will be to walk and stand on because of its cushion and ability to retain heat.

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Vinyl Flooring Size 

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in two main varieties, each of which offers unique possibilities and outcomes. The first type is known as LVP flooring (vinyl plank), and the second is LVT flooring (vinyl tile). The formats are different, but both come in a range of sizes to match your needs.

Standard vinyl plank sizes come in 36- and 48-inch lengths, and widths range from 4 to 12 inches. Widths of six and nine inches are the most typical, but if you have a special need, you can choose from a wider range of sizes.

Tiles of different sizes can be used to install LVT flooring. Although nine, twelve, and eighteen-inch squares are the most often used tile sizes, customizing these standard sizes by cutting them into rectangles is always a possibility.

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